Hexapod controlled by an FPGA on a Mojo.

This hexapod is fully controlled by a single Mojo leveraging the power that an FPGA provides. It consists of an aluminum frame (purchased from MicroMagic Systems), 20 servo motors (12x HS-645MG, 7x HS-225MG, 1x HS-322HD), a Mojo V3 with an SDRAM Shield, Servo Shield, and a custom camera shield. The camera used is an OV2640

Example Designs

Arduino Project - The following FPGA projects assume that this project is loaded onto the ATmega32U4. The microcontroller is responsible for calculating the angles of the legs for the FPGA.

Image Capture - This design will take a snapshot from the camera and store it in SDRAM. The image can then be read out to your computer through the ATmega32U4. I used a simple Java program to do this. The Eclipse project is below.

Image Capture Java Program - This is the Eclipse project for a simple Java program that will interface with the Mojo to capture and show an image. The image can then be saved as a PNG.

Blob Tracking - This design uses the camera to detect red blobs. The color of the blob can be set in the color_threshold.v file. For more information click here .

More Images

Hexapod CameraHexapod Blob TrackingHexapod LegMojo Stack