Mojo - Software and Updates

These tutorials show you how to install some of the applications needed to work with the Mojo. The only applications you currently have to install are ISE and the Mojo Loader or the Mojo IDE .

The tools from Xilinx (ISE) are used to build your projects and produce a .bin file that is used by the Mojo Loader to program your Mojo.

Typically, I use Sublime Text to write the Verilog files and only use ISE to build the project. Once the project is build you can select the .bin file and program your Mojo with the Mojo Loader.

Because having three windows open is a bit of a pain, the Mojo IDE is currently in development. From there you only need to have one window open. You can write, build, and load your projects from one place. However, it still requires that the Xilinx tools be installed as they are leveraged in the background.

What are you waiting for! Download ISE and the Mojo IDE and get started!